Location: The Vromolimnos bay is 6,5 km from Skiathos town and the port is 7,5 km from the airport.

Villa Christina has wooded surroundings. A small road, leads you through the trees and down the hill to Vromolimnos beach in just 10 minutes.

Vromolimnos is one of the best beaches on the island - sandy and long with no big hotel on it. It does, however, have a good taverna and a cafe-bar. Watersports can be had from the beach, and small motorboats can usually be hired for the day.

Two or three other tavernas can be found on the main road a 15-20 minute walk from Villa Christina, as can a decent mini-market (note: will normally deliver for a minimum order of 15 €) and the bus stop to town, but car or bike hire is recommended for your convineince.

Villa Christina is highly recommended for its peace and quiet, high standard of accommodation and beautiful surroundings.